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Mental Health Care Plans

Anyone can consult with a psychologist without a referral. However, when discussing their symptoms with general practitioners, many clients are referred to psychologists through the Better Access to Mental Health Initiative, the purpose of which is to provide psychological treatment for eligible clients. GPs, Paediatricians and Obstetricians develop Mental Health Care Plans for those clients; this paperwork is registered with Medicare and then provided to the psychologist. These plans give clients eligibility for Medicare rebates.

Mental Health Care Plans can be completed in the name of a parent or a child, and can be used with any psychologist irrespective of the practitioner name on the referral. They provide access to Medicare rebates for six sessions initially. For those who wish to continue to seek treatment, a further four sessions may be activated by the referring practitioner (e.g. GP). A rebate can be claimed for a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year. Mental Health Care Plans do not expire, unused sessions roll over into the new calendar year(s) (however, the maximum number of rebates per year still applies).


Clients who are referred from a GP, Paediatrician or Obstetrician with a Mental Health Care Plan and see ne of our clinicians are eligible to receive a Medicare rebate. Rebates can be processed on the spot where the appropriate referral is provided, however, please note if eligible paperwork is not available at the time of the consult the rebate can be processed at a later time or via online claiming. Rebates are a partial reimbursement of fees but do not cover the full fee. 

Private health insurance providers also rebates depending on type of cover. Any cover which includes psychology will attract a rebate for our services. Please contact your provider for details. However, please note private health rebates cannot be used in conjunction with Medicare rebates for the same session (i.e. one or the other may be used).

Skype appointments are available, however, Medicare nor private health insurers do not provide rebates for these services for those living in populated areas. The Medicare system will now provide rebates for a number of consultations for those residing in an area classed as rural and remote. Other clients are welcome to consult via Skype with the understanding that no rebates will be applicable. We do note our clinicians do not recommend Skype appointments for those under 15 years, however, parenting support can be delivered this way. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further. Those living in rural and remote locations click here for information on Telehealth services.

Dr Nicole Williams, Dr Katherine Reynolds & Ms Chrisi Lambos provide Non-directive Pregnancy Counselling with Medicare rebates. These rebates are available with a referral from a doctor (including obstetricians) for individuals who have been pregnant in the past 12 months. Three sessions with these rebates are available without a Mental Health Care Plan. (Please note, however, the rebates are lower than with Mental Health Care Plans. Please click here for more details or contact reception.)

Psycho-educational Assessments

Children's Psychological Assessment: We are pleased to offer formal psycho-educational assessment for children and adolescents (ages 4-18) where there are concerns in the following areas: learning difficulties (including dyslexia), emotional and behavioural difficulties, attention difficulties, developmental delay, and intellectual disability.  

A comprehensive assessment will include an evaluation of cognitive functioning, developmental progress and academic abilities. These assessments enable you as a parent to understand your child’s unique profile of strengths and difficulties and will provide practical, evidence-based strategies to help improve your child’s functioning. 

Following your child’s assessment a 30 minute feedback session will be scheduled during which you will be provided with the results and recommendations.  You can choose whether you would like to receive feedback in person, by phone or via Skype.  A comprehensive written report will be provided at completion. Please contact reception for any further information required.


Our costs remain significantly lower than that recommended by the Australian Psychological Society. For more information contact or 7228 5363.

Please note that we are not a crisis service and many practitioners are not in the office every weekday. Whilst client care is important to us, due to the nature of our work practitioners may not be able to respond to calls or emails within a short timeframe. When contact outside of sessions is undertaken a charge is applied to phone calls over 5 minutes, lengthy email exchanges, letter or report writing reflective of the usual session fee. We appreciate your understanding.

Children of Separated Parents

If you are booking an appointment for a child, please note you will be asked whether any court orders exist regarding the care of that child. It is our legal responsibility to follow court orders. Therefore, where orders exist we require a copy of the order prior to the child's attendance. For clarification please contact reception.

Legal Reports

It is practice policy that we do not provide court reports. Please use your search engine or the Australian Psychological Society's Find A Psychologist online service to find local psychologists with forensic interests if you are seeking a report for court.

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